Evening - WalkFest Welcome Dinner
Friday 12th May 2023

Join us and your fellow walkers for an evening meal with a buffet selection of hot dishes followed by tea or coffee and something sweet.

Evening - Illustrated talk: Discovering the Biosphere's Natural Gems
Saturday 13th May 2023

This talk draws on the designation of Galloway and Southern Ayrshire as a UNESCO Biosphere because of the quality of the natural heritage of the core areas of Merrick/Kells, Cairnsmore of Fleet and the Silver Flowe.

Evening - Illustrated talk: The Story of the Galloway Hydro Scheme
Tuesday 16th May 2023

The talk explores the Galloway Hydro scheme, which has been providing renewable energy for over 80 years, and whose construction changed the landscape of the Glenkens forever.

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